Chrissie Brockmann

In her role as Key Account Manager, Chrissie Brockmann is the first point of contact for all our customers’ requests – from processing orders and providing updates on the status of a project, to answering any and all questions about our range of services.

Chrissie Brockmann

Chrissie Brockmann
Phone: +49 89 2441 851-54

As the interface to our teams of editors and translators, Chrissie handles project coordination with unwavering poise and precision, ensuring our customers get exactly what they want when they need it.

With an English mother and German father, Chrissie grew up in a bilingual home and began at an early age to travel to England by herself for the summer holidays. It’s not surprising that when she left school in 2006, she also left Germany for London, where she would live for seven years.

Chrissie got her start in the translation business a year after arriving in London; the city’s cosmopolitan flair not only sharpened her linguistic skills, but also broadened her horizons and fired her curiosity to discover other cultures. Her journeys all through Asia and a six-month stay on Mauritius also made a lasting impression.

At BVIW, Chrissie enjoys the international and informal working atmosphere and particularly values the trusted relationships she has with our customers. Always looking to discover something new, she makes it her personal mission to understand everyone’s point of view and what they are trying to achieve.

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