Brian Worthen

Brian Worthen is a native speaker of American English. A resident of the United States for 29 years, he has spent 14 years in Bavaria so far. Brian and his better half as well as their twin sons live in Oberhaching, Germany.

He has been pursuing his passion for languages for some 25 years: earning a B.A. in Spanish in Boulder, Colorado and passing the Bavarian State Exam for Translators following three years of studies in Munich paved the way to completing an M.A. program in Applied Linguistics in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brian Worthen

Brian Worthen
Phone: +49 89 2441 851-64

More importantly, Brian has been applying his classroom knowledge in the real world since 2004. Freelance teaching in Germany as well as self-employed translating on both sides of the Atlantic led to a salaried position as an instructor at Munich’s Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut. A desire for new opportunities and fresh challenges led to Brian’s accepting a position at Burton, Van Iersel & Whitney GmbH in 2016.

In today’s world, BVIW is a rare gem: a thoroughly reliable supplier of exceptional language services. Brian is proud to play on Team BVIW. After all, behind every successful company there stands a team of dedicated professionals committed to unsurpassed quality.

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